Bikers Becomes Superheroes

A Canadian company is offering motorbike riders the chance to wear leathers in the style of movie superheroes. Bikers can be dressed up as Batman, Iron Man or Wolverine.

Great. So now you can look like you're running late for your Father For Justice meeting.

The Toronto-based UD Replicas make ultra-detailed versions of sci-fi and superhero outfits exactly as seen on screen. One outfit is the Star Wars stormtrooper.

If you're going quickly on a bike dressed as a stormtrooper you'd better watch out for two short blokes dressed as Ewoks with a big rope.

Another of the outfits is the Tron outfit. Don't ride a bike dressed as a bloke from Tron. You'll end up driving into a wall made of light, as if you don't have enough dangers on the road already.

Company president David Pea, a self-confessed comic book fan, claims they offer even more protection than normal leathers.

Well, they might offer more protection in the event of an accident but they actually increase the odds that the cool boys will nick your dinner money.

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