Dude Ostrich Looks Like A Lady

Just ignore the problem, it might go away.To Hyderabad's Nehru Zoological Park where they have been having a spot of trouble with their ostriches. (Tut, the number of articles I have started with those words, eh?)

For a year they have thought they had a potentially mating pair of ostriches but they've just found out it's actually a pair of male birds.

That means Nehru Zoological Park is more progressive than many states in America.

Here's what happened. The zoo had mixed sex ostrich pair till sadly the female died. So they bought another female to replace her. Seems heartless but that's what happens when you put Darren Day in charge of the deal.

One day, the so-called female was showing off its black plumage which apparently let them know it was actually a male. I don't know about ostrich plumage but I imagine it's like the end of Ace Ventura Pet Detective when we see that Einhorn is a man.

What the story doesn't say is if the original male minded or if he went with it and enjoyed what he could get. I guess they don't want details like that getting out. Some people already say zoos are like prisons for animals, that would only prove them right.

Dr P Srinivas, veterinary assistant surgeon at Zoo Park said: "Male ostriches have jet black feathers with white wing and tail plumage and bright red or blue skin. The females have grey-brown feathers and skin."

It was an easy mistake to make though. Big tall bird, long legs, way too many feathers. That's got drag queen written all over it.

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