IVF Rip Off

IVF Rip OffThe Independent leads with claims by health expert Lord Robert Winson that IVF clinics are 'ripping off' couples desperate to have children.

This is a good time of year for this story as IVF is the only other way to have a baby while still being a virgin, just like Mary. Although, if you were Joseph, you bought the whole story about Mary being pregnant after a visit from an angel, would you still refrain from sex or would you think, "Well, it's not like she's going to get any more pregnant."

Anyway, it's claimed that the fertility clinics are charging couples three times the actual cost of their treatment.

The newspaper deals with the story from the female side, and it does seem wrong to rip someone off at such an emotional time. But it's not great from the bloke's side too. You have to go into a room, pleasure yourself AND still pay! If they're charging three times the going rate the least they could do is put on a "masseuse".

You go into one of their rooms, do all the hard work to give yourself a happy finish and then, as you leave, you still get a massive bill.

Tut. They must've seen you coming.

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