Santa Get Death Threats From Girl

A 13-year-old girl has shocked her mother by asking Father Christmas for a list of presents and threatening to kill him if he doesn't comply.

I see the UK riots might have stopped but the spirit behind them still lingers.

Mekeeda Austin warned Santa that he will be "killed" if he fails to deliver at least two of her long list of gifts.

Nice. But she needs to learn a lesson; don't threaten someone who can get into your room while you're asleep. You'll find yourself strapped to the back of a sleigh, luv.

Her list of demands includes a BlackBerry smartphone. See what I mean about the spirit of the riots?

She also demanded that Santa bring her "the real-life Justin Bieber". If you put him in a box, Santa, remember to poke some air holes. Or not.

The 13-year-old goes even further and threatens to "hunt down" Santa's reindeer so she can "cook them and serve their meat to homeless people on Xmas day".

She is a little ray of sunshine, that girl. One day she'll make someone a perfect ex-wife.

Her mother, Tracey, from Brickhill, Bedford, found the note – which ends, "Remember… two of these, or you die" – in Mekeeda's school bag but has vowed to try to meet her daughter's demands rather than punish her.

I'm sorry, but if you threaten to kill an old man you don't deserve to get what you want. A violent and unstable girl shouldn't get what she demands. Well, apart from the Bieber one. She can have him.

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