Samoa Time Travels

The country Samoa has jumped forward in time 24 hours. It's like the TV show Lost was a documentary. If a polar bear suddenly turns up it's time to start to panic.

Samoa has changed its time zone to bring itself into the same day as Australia and New Zealand.

The same technique could be used to bring the Isle of Wight into the same year as the rest of the UK.

It's been done to help Samoa trade with its nearby nations. When Samoa was in Monday Australia was already in Tuesday, so if Samoa tried to make and sell fresh sandwiches to Australia they'd already be past their display date before they were even made. Or something like that.

The only downside to this is that the Samoan people have lost a day. They went to bed on Thursday and woke up on Saturday. To be fair, I've done that before, but that's because the Jägerbomb is an evil invention.

If I were them I would complain. The day they lost was between Christmas and New Year. That's one of the days when no one really works. And if you took a week off you only got 4 days to relax in. And why take a Friday? Everyone loves a Friday. Take a Monday. As long as it's not a Monday with a season finale of CSI because that would be annoying.

The shift moves Somao from the far east to the west. Instead of being a country that uses herbal medicine it's a country that uses herbal medicine and pays over the odds for it.

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