BBC's Panda Of The Year

The BBC has caused some upset, and this time Jeremy Clarkson wasn't involved. They released their list of the Women Of The Year, and it included a panda.

Come on women, you really need to pull your finger out. You didn't manage to place in the BBC's Sports Personality of the Year and now you're beaten by a panda. Tut. And don't go claiming it isn't fair. She's a panda, so there's no way she slept herself to the top.

Twitter went crazy as #pandagate trended. People were upset that an animal was considered to be one of the best women of the year, but I think it's good that a panda managed to finally break through that glass ceiling.

Do you know how many CEOs of FTSE 100 companies are pandas? No, neither do I but I am assuming it's low.

The reason the Chinese panda called Tian Tian made it onto the BBC's list is because she is one of the animals on loan from Beijing to the Edinburgh Zoo. Although she's probably actually in a German zoo, you know what the BBC is like. It's hoped that she will produce cubs during her decade on British soil.

Some people said it was sexist to put a panda on a list where a woman should be. Surely it's sexist to not put the male panda on the Men of the Year list too. Are you saying her input in making cubs is more important than his? No wonder the male pandas never feel in the mood to mate. What's the point when no one appreciates your efforts?

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