Man Has A Big Toe For A Thumb

James BirnA man who lost a thumb has had his big toe transplanted onto his hand to replace it.

It sounds weird but he seems happy with it. As you can see in the picture, he's giving it the 'toes up'.

James Byrne lost his thumb - it was a plumbing accident, not a really odd poker game - and doctors came up with this solution. There were side-effects. Apparently removing one of his toes would affect his balance, but at least he can now grab hold of something before he falls over.

James said: "My consultant told me 'you will have a thumb even if I have to take your toe.'"

That seems a little "eye for an eye" for my tastes. But at least he can use both hands now, and his socks fit like a glove.

He said: "People have different reactions, some think it's really funny while others are a bit disgusted by it." Don't let other people get you down. Think of all the benefits of having a big toe for a thumb.

  - You can be seen hitch-hiking from much further away.
  - You can really mess with the heads of the CSI people if you commit a crime.
  - Best of all, if a gym instructor tells you to touch your toes you can just make a first.

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James Byrne even made a video about his toe/thumb,
and here's the SomeNews take on it.


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