Free Meals For Kids - DM

Front of the Daily Mail tells us "FREE SCHOOL MEALS FOR EVERY CHILD UP TO SEVEN"

That sounds like a fair trade. So if I take a child into a school I get a free meal? It's like a food bank but with the added bonus of getting rid of any kids I find hanging around. It's just a shame you can only trade in up to 7. I suppose it's there so tramps don't go round scooping up spare kids from bins to trade them in for meals. I may be thinking about soft drink cans, but whatevs.

It's a strange plan as, I don't know if you have seen any kids but, the one thing they look like they don't need is more food. Childhood obesity is a worry at the moment and they solution is to give out free food.

Then again, I can't judge. Another big concern in the UK is binge drinking among professional women and yet I try to buy them drinks whenever I can.



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