The iPhone 5S Already Has Bugs

The new iPhone is out, which as ever means that some people have taken the worst camping trip of their lives to wait to get one. Instead of camping in a field, with nature, they camp out on a street near an Apple store. That's not camping. They's like getting to swim with dolphins but in the shallow end of the local swimming baths.

I don't get the mentality. Why would you disrupt your life like that to queue for something that 6 months later you'll hate for not being the latest thing? It's not like people have always queued for phones. Heck, when Alexander Graham Bell invented the first one no one was lying in a sleeping bag outside his door.

There's a lovely irony that the release of a new iPhone, where people can't wait to spend lots of money on something they don't need that's manufactured by people in the East barely earning enough to live, looks like an Occupy protest to bring down capitalism.

With every release of a new iPhone comes lots of people trying to find the flaws with it, and in the new operating system, iOS 7, a bug has been found that allows users to dial numbers when iPhone 5S is locked. That's is shocking. People still use iPhones to make calls!

You can hear more of me talking about the new iPhone on BBC London 94.9 for the next few days. Listen on the iPlayer while the show is still on there. Click here to listen to the show.

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