The Woman Who Woke Up Chinese

There was a documentary on the BBC recently called "The Woman Who Woke Up Chinese". It was great, but five minutes later I wanted to watch another one.

It was the moving story of a woman from Plymouth who suffered a headache, went to bed, and woke up the next day with a Chinese accent. It's a worrying condition that is very rare. So far in the UK there's only her that it has happened to, but so far no one knows how many people have suffered this but have gone undiagnosed in China.

She suffers from Foreign Accent Syndrome which is linked to headaches. It makes you wonder how all those foreign people cope. The woman said: "People automatically assume I'm foreign, for a start, then they like to try and work out where I might be from." Yes, damn people and their small minded ways, where they hear someone with a foreign accent and assume they're foreign. Bigots, the lot. Why can't they be more understanding and when they hear a foreign accent assume it must be the result of a condition that only 61 people have had in all of our medical history.

After watching the TV show it reminded me of a similar thing that had happened to me, and we talked about that on the radio show I was covering. You can have a listen below...

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