Cameron's Bread Defence

Some people annoy me. There, I said it.

I did a joke on Twitter about the headline on The Times. They went with, "Profit is not a dirty word, says Cameron", and I said, "He's right. I tried to use it during sexting and got nowhere."

Someone took umbrage with that, and by the look it is, the problem they had with me was because I said, "He's right." I agreed with David Cameron.

They didn't see that those two words are needed to set up the joke. It can't go, "Profit is not a dirty word, says Cameron. He's over-privileged, entitled scum. I tried to use it during sexting and got nowhere." That just doesn't flow. If it's part of a joke you really shouldn't take it too seriously. If someone tweets, "Two bears walk into a bar," you don't have to try to find out which bar and call animal rescue. It's a joke. Even if you don't think it's funny, have the sense to recognise the format and go with it.

But it made me realise, some people are so blinded by party politics that they ignore the logic of what you say just to focus on their hatred of the people you're talking about. So, in honour of exactly those people I am going to do something that I don't think has ever been done on this website since it started, I am going to defend David Cameron. See, stupid people, look what you made me do.

David Cameron was asked in a radio interview if he knew the price of value bread, and he got it wrong. He said he didn't buy that bread as he "has a breadmaker". And he does. She's called Svetlana and she's on minimum wage.

But why is it a problem that he can't remember the prices of items in the shops? There's little to be gained by making our politicians play a version of Supermarket Sweep. We don't even get to see Dale, so it's pointless.

It's not like you'd ever need to send David Cameron down the shops for you. He'd be a terrible choice for that task. This is a man who leaves his own children in a pub so he'd definitely forget some items from your list.

And if he actually does go to the shops to buy bread I'd be the first to say, "Oi! Cameron. Get Tesco to deliver this stuff, you're meant to be running the country." So, he doesn't know the price of bread and I say, so what? That's not the reason to judge him. There are many reasons, but that's not one.

There we go, defending David Cameron. Next time, people on Twitter, read the context as well as the content, or I'll have to say nice things about Boris Johnson, and that could hurt me more than it hurts you.

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