The Toilet Restaurant

A restaurant believed to be America's first toilet-themed eatery has opened just outside Los Angeles.

The first? *fakes shock* How could it be that no one before thought, "You know what would make people enjoy the food here more? Making people think about how it'll end up soon." It's just goal-orientated eating. Oh, the number of restaurant reviews I've read in the quality press that lament an establishment's lack of visible shitters... is zero, but still.

The restroomaurant has chairs that are toilets that you sit on to eat. But they're not actually plumbed in, so the one benefit of such a set up is missing. If you could go to a restaurant and eat while actually on the loo you could order whatever curry you want. And when the waiter says, "Do you have space for dessert?" just tense up for a second and say, "Now I do." Oh, it's be a hoot. Eating while actually sat on the loo; they could call it The Elvis Grill.

Not only are the chairs like toilets to keep the lavatorial theme going, the dishes are shaped like little mini-toilets. And to really stay true to the theme the food probably tastes like shit.

The menu includes pork over rice and spicy shredded chicken. What a missed opportunity. Every item should come with sweetcorn. Tut.

Speaking at the Magic Restroom Cafe, one customer said: "It's really great and interesting for me because we wanted something new to try. This is a good atmosphere for me." There must be an air freshener then.

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