MP Tells Homeless Man To Get A Job

Q: What do you call a man with one leg and no job?
A: Work-shy layabout.

OK, not a joke with wide appeal but some members of the Tory party would be lapping it up.

Fresh on the heels of telling people who can't afford their heating bills to just put on a jumper, Tory MP Daniel Kawczynski told a one-legged homeless man to "Get a job!"

I don't know what the MP thought that would accomplish. Maybe he thought the homeless man would say, "Now why didn't I think of that? I've been living on the cold streets for ages but if I'd have thought of getting a job I could have not been. God, I feel such a nincompoop now. Aw, what am I like?!"

It was interesting to read the story on the Daily Mail website. They must realise that they could judge the MP for saying "Get a job" because the first words on every single page of their website are...

..."find a job". Subtle Daily Mail, really subtle.

Ministerial aide Daniel Kawczynski was heard telling Mark McGuigan, who was born into poverty and lost a leg through drug use: "Get a job, find some work. Yes, I know it is hard, I have struggled too."

I'm sure you have struggled and it's hard to compare how bad someone's struggle is up against someone else's struggle. But I'd probably say, if you haven't struggled one of your legs off, you haven't had it as bad as this guy.

The incident happened outside Westminster Tube station on October 7 at around 8pm. And that's the detail that makes all the difference. I had total sympathy for Mark as a man who was minding his own business when some nasty politician came up and started bothering him about not having a job. But he was at Westminster. That's where the nasty politicians are. So really, he doesn't have l... no, I won't. I'll be asked to join the Tories if I finish that.

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