Driving - The Board Game

New drivers in Sierra Leone will have to play a board game about the highway code before taking the wheel in a bid to cut the number of road deaths. Yeah, what a great way to teach people that driving isn't a game.

Morie Lenghor, Assistant Inspector General of the police and the game's creator said, "I realised that a lot of people don't like reading much, but what if I can put the highway code in a game that is attractive to young people." Yes, because young people are all about the board games these days. Oh, kids are always truanting off school to play Snakes and Ladders or to get a hit of Cluedo.

"It's played a bit like Scrabble," said Sarah Bendu, executive director of Sierra Leone's Road Transport Authority and someone who has clearly never played Scrabble.

I'd assume it's like Monopoly; take a chance card, "You slowed down in a box junction. Pay £60." Or "You kind of went into a bus lane because no one would let you into the next lane. Pay £60." Or "You need petrol. Pay £60." There's going to be a lot of paying if it's anything like real driving.

And if you throw a 6 and land on a West Minster Council car park, game over, bankrupt.

In the actual game competitors move models of classic cars around the board after rolling traffic light-themed dice. That's so unrealistic. Who gets to drive a classic car as a new driver? They should have to play with little figurines of clapped out old bangers, or even better they should have to ask their parents if they can borrow their piece to move round the board.

It has a good intention behind it but it makes you wonder, does game playing affect the way you drive? I hope not. I've got GTA 5.

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