Kidney Donor Marries Recipient

Some people just have trouble letting go.

There's a story in the news of a woman who donated a kidney to a man four years ago. And now they have got married. I suppose it's just keeping an eye on your investment. She'll be able to watch him, make sure he's treating it right. After all, she took a long time to grow it, she won't want him eating too much protein and not drinking enough fluids. That'd take the piss. Or maybe very much not.

It's Chelsea Clair and Kyle Froelich who met in 2009. Kyle needed a new kidney and Chelsea offered hers on the day they met in Indiana, US. I don't know what he does for a living but if he isn't a used car salesmen he's wasting a talent.

One year later he received that kidney and during the hospital appointments they attended together they began to fall in love. It's clearly a relationship based on trust and respect. Some men meet a woman and just try to get inside her. He did the total opposite.

They married on October 12 and in the vows instead of "in sickness and in health" they said "I offer you my hand, my heart and my soul, as I know they will be safe with you". Hand, heart and soul on top of the kidney? Jeez, greedy much?

It's a heart warming story and I hope they will be very happy together. And I'm sure they will. They'll never row for long. At some point she'll just say, "...and I have you a kidney," and she's kind of won.

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