Robber Robs Rubbers

Just when you start to lose faith in humanity, how about this? A man walked into a service station in Australia with a gun, sticks it in the face of the poor cashier, forces them to hand over cash and on his way out, he stopped to pick up some condoms. Wow. Some people are so thoughtful. Often men leave it up to the women to nick their own contraception. And hey, if any crook is putting the effort in to not reproduce we should all be happy.

This means, later that night, he'll be in bed with his loved one, and she'll say, "Have you got any protection?" And he'll say, "Well, I've got this gun..." And they'll laugh.

It definitely is the action of a man on a promise because the news article also said he "demanded cash and cigarettes". So he has the post-coital smoke sorted.

He was described as being of Caucasian appearance, about 170 centimetres tall, and wearing a black beanie and runners.

He wears a beanie hat? OK, scrap that. He should've just nicked a magazine and some tissues.

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