Woman Rides Horse In Tesco

Have you heard of the NekNomination craze? It's all over social media and it's where people do dares and it ends with a drink. It's like the total opposites to many one-night stands.

Well, police want to talk to a woman who rode a horse into Tesco to complete a NekNomination challenge. I suppose the drink that you have at the end of that dare could be from their value range. She's saving money on this NekNomination. Every little helps.

21-year-old Inky Ralph was filmed riding into a Tesco Express in Bishop Auckland, County Durham. Admittedly it's not the first time a horse has been in Tesco but this one wasn't in a pack of 6.

She said: "It was something nobody else had done. It was just harmless fun." Harmless fun? I heard a story of someone who took a horse into a shop and it pooed on someone. That poor person was left covered in star and horse poo. He was said to be in a stable condition. Thank you, I'm here all week.

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