Might As Well Face It, You're Addicted To Eyeshadow

A woman in America has an unusual problem, she's addicted to eating eyeshadow. She has decided to stop after doctors warned her it could be fatal. I'm not sure how it could end up fatal, unless you're not taking it from the tray, you're trying to lick it off the face of someone who's violent.

Brittoni, from Ohio, said: "It's just like a craving of your favourite candy bar." Yes it is. If your favourite candy bar tasted horrible and was made of minerals. I suppose they are low carb but it can't be good for you. Her boyfriend Josh said: "When she eats makeup, she looks like a clown went crazy." That's the look that I imagine women have after they do their make-up on the London Underground on the way into work, but somehow they never do.

Anyway, the 22-year-old said that she enjoys consuming eyeshadows, up to as many as 15 a day, and mostly loves the metallic grey, white and brown colours.

There's your problem, Brittoni. You're not getting enough greens.

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