Google Glass Users Warned 'Don't Be Creepy'

The 10,000 people testing Google's latest gadget Google Glass have been told not to be "weird or rude" when using it. So, it's a pair of glasses you wear that lets you film whatever you're looking at and they DON'T want you to be weird? Well, what's the point in buying them then? If you build something that lets you film whatever you're looking at, and you sell it to nerds, you have to expect a fair amount of creepy behaviour.

That's like selling those x-ray specs in the back of comics and assuming no teenage boy who buys them will try to look at boobies with them.

The best you can hope for is a shift towards more subtle creepiness. You may have seen a couple walking down the road and the man will see an attractive woman walking by and turn his head round like an owl to get a good look. Well, now thanks to Google Glass the man can remain in conversation with his partner while he simply takes his frames off and points them towards the target ass.

Google's etiquette guide also says: "If you find yourself staring off into the prism for long periods of time, you're probably looking pretty weird to the people around you."

But you have headware that can access the internet, you're going to look weird. The first person to spend every train journey looking at a little rectangle and swipe at it with a dismissive thumb probably looked like a freak, but now we're all doing it. The future will have humans looking off into the distance through their fancy "phone glasses". Why would you call the glasses a phone when that's the least of what they do? Why not, that's what our phones are like now.

Basically, don't worry about how you look, society will probably follow you one day. Proudly look like a prat and people will see you and envy the fact that you have far more advanced technology than they do. That's why I sit on trains looking off into the distance while the others swipe away at their non-phoning phones. And if they look at me like I am a weirdo I just point to my face and say, "Google Contact Lenses". And then they go back to swiping their phones but they look so jealous.

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