Rude Street Names Cost You

We have been hearing recently how having a home that is on a flood plain can bring down the price of your house. Although some estate agents would just call it a "natural indoor swimming pool" and add money to the price. But there is another thing that can bring down the value of your property - the street name.

New research says streets with rude-sounding names cost less. That's bad news for people living in places like Crotch Crescent, Turkey Cock Lane and Bell End. And people in Shit Creek are up Shit Creek.

The study for website NeedaProperty.com looked for evidence of what impact living in a street with a suggestive name could have on the value of your home. Apparently having a Cock on your street can be a problem, which is something my neighbours say all the time.

Properties on streets with rude names were found to be around one fifth or £84,000 cheaper on average than other homes situated nearby. Who would've thought that a Minge could cost you so much, other than Bill Clinton?

Researchers asked people to vote for the street name that they would be most embarrassed to have as their address and top of the list is Minge Lane in Upton-upon-Severn, Worcestershire. Aw, I think Minge Lane sounds nice. It's a Minge duel-carriageway that sounds less attractive.

Next was Slag Lane in Lowton, Lancashire, where it costs £112,620 for a semi. Those are some expensive slags.

Number 3 on the list is Fanny Hands Lane, Ludford, Lincolnshire. I understand why no one wants to live there. Fanny Lane would be OK but Fanny Hands Lane seems so much worse. It makes you think of someone who needs to wash their hands more and has very hairy knuckles.

I talked about this on the radio. To hear the sketch have a listen below.

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