Equal Wedding Day

Today's the day when the first equal marriages have taken place in the UK. It's a step forward for our society, a good day, and totally worth all that flooding we had.

Even Prime Minister David Cameron is on board, saying "The introduction of same-sex civil marriage says something about the sort of country we are. It clearly says 'you are equal' whether straight or gay." Yes! Unless you're a woman, when you probably don't earn what men doing your job do, but hey, one thing at a time.

Equal marriage laws have been passed in some states of America too and it shows that society has reached a point of enlightenment. Well, some of it has. You still get the odd person who makes the point, "Hey, it was Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve." And as a person called Steve I am sick of being discriminated against. Steve's are people too, and we also like apples.

Among the first couples set to take advantage of the legalisation were actor Andrew Wale, who said: "It's kind of extraordinary. We did not really expect it to happen so suddenly, so soon." I know. Thousands of years of not being able to marry just flies by when you have all the organising to do.

But as people enjoyed the day the BBC came out with a survey that said, "20% of people would refuse to attend a gay wedding". I have to be honest, I belong to that 20%. I also would refuse to attend a straight wedding. That headline doesn't mean there's ground swell of protest against equal marriage it just means other people's weddings are terrible. You have to buy a gift for two people who have been living together for years and already have everything they want. You end up buying them something fancy like a coffee maker. I don't have a coffee maker!

You spend the day trying to relax in a suit. A suit! How can you enjoy yourself when you're dressed exactly as you did during your last court appearance?

You only know the main couple but spend most of your time stuck with other family members they felt obliged to invite. By the end of their big day you have spent more time with the bride's great aunt than she has since she was 12.

So yes, I am saying I hate weddings, but on today, Saturday 29th March 2014, I am saying I hate all weddings "equally". Now that's progress.

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