Why Babies Laugh

Scientists have been trying to find out why babies laugh. Odd that this issue is higher up their To Do list than "cure cancer" and "sort out world hunger" but whatever.

Dr Caspar Addyman, a researcher at Birkbeck University's Centre for Brain and Cognitive Development is conducting one of the largest ever studies into what makes babies laugh and more importantly why?

To be fair, if every time I had a meal someone had to get their boobies out I'd be laughing like a drain most of the time too. And if you can just shit and then lie back while someone else deals with it, you'd raise a chuckle.

In general, the life of a baby is so sweet of course it laughs. They don't have to work, worry about food, worry about bills, if they need a wee they just wee, and if they wake up the very people they depend on in the middle of the night and chuck up sick all over them those people still love them. And if anyone tries to put that baby in the corner Patrick Swayze turns up to have a word.

Dr Caspar said: "Understand babies also helps us understand adults." Hmm, deep. Yes it does, but another way to understand adults is to ask them, so they can answer in words, instead of spending thousands setting up lab tests, but you're the doctor, Dr.

Dr Addyman said: "The big surprise has been that, contrary to general perception, laughter is present from a very early age."

I'll tell you what's surprising about that, it's not that babies laugh, it's that when I laugh at something I find funny someone will say, "Oh grow up, Steve!" But no one says it too the 5-week-old when they laugh, and that's all the 5-week-old has to do.

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