Spoon Crime

Tesco is in the news for refusing to sell teaspoons to a teenager because he is too young. 16-year-old Liam Whelan was told he needed to be 18 to buy them.

A lot of people have said it was a ridiculous overreaction but I'm here to say it's not.

Spoon crime is a serious issue in the UK and it's getting worse. Some people walk the streets tooled up with a spoon. And that means that others don't feel safe unless they have a spoon on them too.

Now, you can tell these people that if you carry a spoon you're statistically more likely to be injured by that spoon, but they don't care. It's in their culture now. It's a spoon culture.

That's why I think we need more restrictions on buying spoons, not fewer. I know some people say, "Spoons don't kill people, people do." That's only half right.

You also hear, "The one thing that stops a bad man with a spoon is a good man with a spoon." But that just escalates the problem. Soon everyone will have tea spoon in their purse or a table spoon in their home. The next thing you know people are carrying ladles.

People say to me, "Steve, do you really believe on a ban on spoons?"

And I say, "Does it look like I'm just trying to stir things?"

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