Swimming In Beer

I saw a headline in the newspaper that read: "Punters offered the chance to SWIM in beer."

And I thought, "Wow. They've invented shrinking technology to make a human just a few inches tall. That's amazing!"

I was wrong and after what I'd imagined whatever was in the actual story would feel like a let down.

The Schloss Starkenberger brewery in Austria has turned its underground vaults into baths of beer. As you enter all you can see are these large polls of beer. It's like most town centres on a Friday night.

The seven 13-foot long pools are open for visitors to immerse themselves in warm beer while trying not to see the whole thing as a metaphor for what's going wrong in their lives. Swimming in beer is said to have amazing health benefits, which makes you wonder just how healthy the inside of Keith Richards must be.

Apparently swimming in warm beer can improve your circulation and the yeast in the beer pool is good for your skin. That seems odd as I've known a few people go to some lengths to get rid of yeast from their skin, but I'm not a doctor.

The experience comes with a warning that you can't drink from the pools. I assume that is for health and safety reasons. Or they are worried Gazza will go for a swim and empty the pool. Of course you can't drink it, it's like a swimming pool. I hope there's a small footbath of beer on the way in to get verucas drunk.

The best thing about the existence of this attraction is that you have the perfect excuse for why you get home and you smell of alcohol. "No darling, I wasn't drinking. I was just trying to work on my complexion."

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