Justin Bieber's Tattoo Mug Shots

Poor old Justin Bieber (he says, even though he knows Justin is neither of those two things). He is still suffering the fall out of his recent brush with the law. A while back he was caught racing a sports car, which seems odd. When he's meant to stick to the speed limit he's zooming around and yet when he's two hours late to a concert at the O2 you can't rush the guy.

There was a video of Justin trying to pass a sobriety test by walking a straight line. I don't know if he couldn't walk straight because of the drink and drugs or maybe just the way he wears his jeans, it's hard to tell. I don't understand the lowness of the jeans, it must make it hard to run. And you have to remember, I was young in the 70s, and back then we had to be able to run. You know what our TV star used to be like.

But now more police photos have come out. The Miami Police Department has released the photos they took of Bieb's tattoos. Police photograph the tattoos of people they arrest for identification purposes. Do you really need to in this case?

COP 1: Any distinguishing marks on this guy we're looking for?
COP 2: Well, he has an intricate sleeve tattoo on one arm, a musical note tattoo behind one eat and writing on his shoulder.
COP 1: OK. Anything else that could help us identify him?
COP 2: Oh yeah, he's Justin Bieber.

Surely it'd be easier to just look at Bieber's face and see that it's Bieber than try to work out who he is from his tattoos. His tatts will be hard to see as they're under his clothes. Well, unless he has a tramp stamp. You'd see that because his pants are down round his knees.

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