Boy Takes Queen Selfie, #Quelfie

When meeting our Queen there are certain rules. For example, she can touch you but you cannot touch her. It's the lap dancing protocol. But advancements in technology are making it hard to know what's right.

A young teen with no respect for authority, or good photography, took a selfie with the Queen as she made a public appearance. I don't know if it is against the rules but it shows exactly what is wrong with the young folk these days. When we were younger if we wanted a small and unflattering picture of the Queen we had to buy a stamp like everyone else.

It's a worrying lapse in security. For all we know that phone would've been a weapon or at the very least might be using an unflattering filter. These things need controlling.

She was visiting Belfast and took the time to visit the Game of Thrones set. So a teenage boy was near where they film Game of Throwns and took a picture of the Queen rather than any one of the many nude scenes they make in that show? Wow. That's what's wrong with the youth of today, they don't think these things through.

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