Man Buys Magnifying Glass

In classy news: A Malaysian man purchased a penis enlargement device online and complained about what he got - he received a magnifying glass in the post.

Fair's fair, it does make your penis look larger. It should also come with a warning label that says, "May make arses look bigger too".

Ong (that's his name - I'm assuming it's a he or that magnifying glass has its work cut out), from Seri Kembangan, paid more than £80 for the device. £80 for a piece of glass put in front of your penis. They must've seen him coming. Or someone may have done.

The magnifying glass came with instructions that states "Do not use in sunlight". I'd hate to read the complaint letter that made them include that warning. But also, who's getting their penis out in the sun? Surely only people with big ones. What's wrong with the world?

MCA Public Service and Complaint Bureau chairman Datuk Seri Michael Chong said: "Men and women are equally vulnerable to these scams." There's a big difference though. If a man buys himself a penis enlarger that's one thing, but if a woman buys it for her hubby that seems mean.

Lawyer Alex Kok (perfect name) said that unsatisfied customers who wished to sue these scammers would find it difficult, saying: "It is especially hard if there is no proof of purchase, such as receipts. We wouldn't know who to sue or where and how to sue them."

Oh well, they must be used to not getting much satisfaction.

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