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You know when you log into Facebook and make a joke about someone being so out of date they're still using My Space? Or maybe you go on Twitter and berate the cat obsessives that Facebook all day long? Well, I look at you and I mock because I'm on Yo.

If you haven't heard of it, Yo is an app that's a little like Snapchat but without the ability to send photos, or it's like Kik without the messages. Basically it's an app that lets you say "Yo" to someone. And that's it. Want to say, "Yo – how you doing"? Then you can bugger right off because you're only getting "Yo" on this app.

Some people think this is the stupidest app idea ever but don't forget that people said the same about Twitter and they may have been right. Blogging was massive but microblogging came along, where you get to say much less, and it was a big hit. Extrapolate that forward and having a system where people can only say one two letter word and this could be the next big thing.

I use Twitter on radio all the time to get content. In a few years I could be doing a show where I sit there saying, "John in Totting says Yo, Michelle got in touch and she said Yo, but Sue from Finchley thinks Yo. Thanks for your messages guy. If you want to join the debate Yo me at mrstevenallen..."

Great radio.

But the problem with the Yo app is that it doesn't go far enough. When texting came along it was great because it meant you didn't have to have a conversation. Then Twitter was great because it stopped people at 140 characters instead of letting them go into multiple texts. Yo gets people down to a set 2 characters but the end game is clearly an app that lets people send no message at all.

But with all the recent outages maybe Facebook have beaten me to it.

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