Man Poos In Bank

I have often been at the end of poor service and considered writing a letter of complaint. I never know how to find the words though. I'd start with "To whom it may concern" but I worry that I'd come off as pompous or they might just think "Well, it doesn't concern me" and throw it away. I could start it with "Dear Terrible People" but if I start like that by the end of the letter I'll be sobbing. But thankfully there's another way to send your complaint without the use of a letter it would seem.

There's a story in the news of a man who walked into a Barclays and did a poo on the floor. That's one deposit they weren't expecting.

It was the Andover branch that was forced to close temporarily after an apparently irate customer walked around the branch while pinching one off. At least he finally found a use for all those little slips of paper you get with everything you do at the ATMs.

One witness said he was wearing flipflops. So it clearly wasn't a planned dirty protest. You wouldn't poo on the floor in flipflops, that's like using a lathe without putting the guard down.

I hope this doesn't catch on as a trend. If we start taking a crap on the floor every time we don't get good service life will be hell. I'll have to wear wellies, but that's because I go in the Post Office often.

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