Google Driverless Car Crashes

We’re living in an interesting time, the last people to drive our own cars. In the future this will be viewed in the way we think about people washing clothes in a river. It’s odd that it is a search engine that’s developing the driverless cars. And an odd search engine too. If anyone would’ve been placed to be a chauffeur it should’ve been Ask Jeeves.

One of the Google cars had its first accident. They’ve crashed before but only when a human was at the controls, which was making me think the must’ve getting so annoyed with us humans. No wonder they’ll take over and build The Matrix.

But this time the car was driving and it crashed, at 2mph, into a bus. Only 2mph but I'm sure there will still be a whiplash claim. According to the log the computer thought the bus would give way. When does a bus ever give way? This computer is an idiot. We all know that a bus will cut you up.

I enjoyed tweeting Google in the patronising way they’ve corrected me over the years saying, “Did you mean… to not crash into that bus?”

The newspaper said, “No one was hurt.” That’s the benefit of a driverless car, if you make it passengerless too, the safety record will be amazing.


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