A New Creme Egg To Hate

Easter is possibly the least healthy time of year. I know it doesn’t happen this year till the end of March but it has a long reach.

As soon as Doctor Who’s credits had finished on Christmas Day the shops were already stocking their shelves with chocolate eggs. That’s a three month stretch of eating like it’s Easter weekend. This year is a leap year too so there’s another day of eating Creme Eggs.

This calorific year quarter has been made even less healthy thanks to a team up between Cadbury’s and Domino's. They’re selling a cookie that contains a whole Creme Egg. It’s the kind of food item you’d normally only make for a pregnant woman.

It’s even upset people in the House of Lords. Lord Bethell posted scathing tweets calling this Frankenstein dessert “disgusting”. He added, “These are serious corporate food companies. What are they thinking?"

I can answer that. They are thinking of making food that is full of fat and sugar that we want to buy so they can make a lot of money. It’s what they all do.

I know Lord Bethell means well but you have Domino’s, a company that makes its money from telling topped bread to people in 13.5-inch slabs, and Cadbury’s, a company that sells us chocolate. You can’t expect them teaming up to make a salad.

The Lord went on, “It’s not illegal. But it’s harmful,” which is almost Phillip Schofield’s excuse.

A spokesperson for Domino's tried to defend the move saying, “We know our customers love to share our existing cookies, and we expect they will do the same with the new Creme Egg cookies."

That takes the biscuit, pun intended. These companies that flog sugar to us always pass the blame for the gluttony onto us. They add the words “to share” on their bags of chocolates even though they know we aren’t going to share. It’s as bad as the “drink responsibly” tags on alcohol moving all the blame onto us.

While his complaints are well meaning there has to be personal responsibility and if two companies that sell you bad food team up to make a super-treat, don’t go thinking it’s health food.

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