To Breed Or Not To Breed

A new study found that over a third of UK teenagers don't want kids. You’d think that’s a good result. Most countries don’t boast about their teenage pregnancy rates. There are some lists you don’t want to be at the top of no matter how much you love your country.

The trouble is, this survey has looked at who wants to have offspring for the rest of their lives. If these stats are true we risk dying out.

The reasons given are interesting. Some girls are scared of pregnancy and childbirth. As a father, I have recently witnessed these stages and I can say that childbirth was easy. I mainly sat there and had snacks. I hope that advice helps.

He pregnancy was harder for me. For some reasons dads seems to gain weight as the mothers-to-be do but we don’t get to push 8lbs out of a hole at the end of nine months, which makes getting your pre-birth weight harder for the fathers. I know, there’ll be so much sympathy for that.

The other reason given for not wanting children is the "turbulent state of the world" and climate change. But if you don’t have children, who can go on to study, become clever and solve the worlds problems, how will the mess ever be fixed. Obviously if you come from a family of people who don’t do much in the brain department feel free to sit this one out.

Also on the list of reasons is that teenagers think that children are a nuisance. Well, that one is hard to defend against. They are. I currently have a toddler and a newborn. One will drop to the floor to have a tantrum if he hears the word no and the other poos herself all day. You can’t get away with those behaviours when you’re not a child. I know, I’ve tried.

So what does this mean for the future of humanity if our teenagers will never reproduce? Do we only have one generation left?

Well, there are decisions I would have made as a teen that I wouldn’t make now. I see old pictures of me and those glasses frames I picked showed I wasn’t to be trued to make big decisions.

Also, Mother Nature has a trick up her sleeve. Most animals don’t choose to have children, but they reach a stage in their lives when they quite fancy a bit of sex.

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