Auto-Brewery Syndrome

If you want a good excuse the next time you're pulled over by the police for drink-driving, a man in Belgium has the answer.

This 40-year-old has drink-drive charge thrown out after it emerged he suffers with ‘auto-brewery syndrome’. Well, they say “suffers” but I bet he has a great night in.

This condition is where the body brews alcohol within it. Some call it auto-brewery syndrome. Some call it the next step in human evolution. They may be the ones who survive the cost of living crisis now that a pint has hit £7.

Here’s the worrying bit… the man in question works in a brewery. Talk about taking your work home with you.

He makes alcohol for a living and in his body, so if the factory has a problem would he wee in bottles? And now I will never drink anything from Belgium again.

Currently, only around 20 people globally have been officially diagnosed with the condition but it could be more common and some people are just low-level piss-heads and we don't notice. Scientists are not sure what causes it, but believe it is linked to specific strains of bacteria and yeast found in the gut.

What has he been doing at work that he has brewing yeast up his bum?

In case you are worried about ABS here are some of the official symptoms:

Loss of coordination
Telling friends you love them
Sleeping with a solid 4

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