School Bans Prayer Breaks

Yes, this just in, “School Bans Prayer Breaks…” but it’s OK, houses of worship tend to not let you do PE in the middle of a service, so that’s fair.

In America they have their separation of church and state. In the UK we haven’t managed the same. While the census tells us we are finally no longer a majority Christian country, it’s not just atheists making up the rest of the figure.

Still, here’s some good news for the godless. A school prayer ban has been upheld by the courts as a pupil loses her High Court challenge. Don’t worry, it won’t affect their pocket money, we paid for this through legal aid.

It’s the Michaela Community School, lead by Katharine Birbalsingh. She’s the self-proclaimed “strictest head in Britain”. It’s easy to self-proclaim anything. You should see how good I look in my self-assessment form, but I digress.

The school has a rule that you can’t have public displays of religion. A Muslim pupil complained and, to cut this long story short, the mum took the school to court and lost.

The meat of the dish is this. The school isn’t a faith school. Parents are told that before they sign their kids up. One mother did that and then the child wanted special rights to pray.

It’s a bit like going into a library that has a “shush” rule, and you know it has that “shush” rule but you go in anyway and when you’re in the someone shushes you and you lose your sh*t about it.

The best about this story is that the mother, who was so appalled with the school she sued it, plans to send her next child there as well. This mother is also working on the next case for suing the school. I think we have found the mega-Karen.

Think about it. To join a school that calls itself the strictest school, when knowing the rules but then when your daughter has to stick the school’s rule, which you know they’ll enforce because they’re strict, you sue! And you don’t even pay for it. They don't teach confidence like that in schools these days.

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