William Wragg The Honeytrap MP – A Quick Explainer

Poor old William Wragg, the member for having a quick look at. Not only did his parents, Mr and Mrs Wragg, name their son something that’s frequently shortened to Willy, but now he has resigned from some committees after being caught in a honeytrap.

Honeytrap makes it sound more romantic than it really is. He chatted with someone on Grindr and they exchanged pictures of their tallywhackers. The other guy sent his first but William wasn’t dragged up, he knows that etiquette dictates that one reciprocates with a DP. Manners cost nothing, apart from your position as the vice-chair of the 1922 committee.

They were then meant to meet up, which you could probably spell meet with an a for that. But they never did and the guy started to extort him, to really ring out Willy Wragg and wanted the phone numbers of other MPs. William gave them. He was a regular 118 118 guy, just without the shorts.

Some of those MPs replied to the todger pics they were sent with their own. See, manners. The scammer apparently messaged the MPs saying, "Hi, I met you in the parliamentary bar, have a look at this." And they didn't think this was suspicious.

Unless it’s one-upmanship. Like the peen version of that scene from Crocodile Dundee. “That’s not a knife. (*unzip*) This is a knife.”

William had already said he wasn’t standing at the next election but resigned his current positions and apologised. The worry was that someone managed to get compromising pictures of these politicians that easily. The only solution is for us to not to be shocked by it. The scammer would have no power if we all just presumed that these MPs are spending their time having a look at each other's ding-a-lings. Most of them went to public schools anyway.

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