Back In Your Day Now Offensive

Using the phrase 'back in your day' to an older work colleague could count as age harassment, according to an employment judge.

Oh no, don’t do this. Some groups get offended by anything and instead of judging that, every other groups tries to copy. It’s a race to the most offended.

Now it’s old people pretending that saying they’re old is like dropping an age-related N-word. (Which would would be “codger”. But with an A.)

Nursing assistant Margaret Couperthwaite - who is in her 60s - sued for age harassment, alleging a younger colleague suggested an operation had been free on the NHS 'back in your day'.

Firstly, I bet that op was free back then. The NHS was great.

Secondly, it’s worth considering that Margaret was actually given a warning for taking 4 days off with a cut finger (understandable if it’s the finger you use to turn the front door key – how was she supposed to get to work?). She was later late go from her role but only after being fired did she complain about this ageism attack.

And she forget when someone said it to her. I know the memory goes with age but that doesn’t help your case.

So, she lost the tribunal, but in a “let’s have a look what you could’ve won” moment the tribunal said, “If that phrase had been used it would have been 'unwanted conduct'.”

Don’t do this. If you can’t say “back in your day” we won’t be able to say, “Kids these days…” and that’s half the conversations old people have.

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