China Attacks The UK’s… Stamps?

The latest front of an international war could be coming through your front door tomorrow morning. China has been accused of flooding Britain with fake stamps in act of, what some MPs have called, ‘economic warfare’.

The basic story is this: There’s a factory in China copying stamps, selling them for 4p each, but if Royal Mail finds it it costs the recipient £5.

That’s bad. But is it economic warfare? If that’s what brings the UK down China had a point. Centuries of ruling the world. We gave the world the industrial revolution, the internet, technology and medicine. But if was those stamps that did us in.

And who is still using stamps that much? Using stamps to attack the UK is like attacking us with fake Blockbuster video membership cards.

While it might be state sanction economic warfare it could also be the Government not caring. Try this as a thought experiment. “There’s a company in Reading making fake Argentinian stamps.” See how you didn’t really care? That.

The real scandal is that if someone sends you a letter with a dodgy stamp they charge you £5 now. It’s gone up. No, Post Office, we already don’t like you because of what you did to Toby Jones.

They’re also overestimating the importance of what they deliver to you these days. They’re saying, “Someone sent you something but if you want to know what it is it’ll cost you.”

They may have motivated us a few decades ago but now, if you give me the chance to not have something delivered, I’ll go for that. It’s saving me the effort of walking from the front door straight to the recycling bin.

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