Your Police Are In The Post

The Evening Standard tells us that some police services are moving into Post Offices. People don't like changes to the police and always look at the down sides. But I like to be positive. At least the number of Post Office robberies should plummet.

The more I read the more that feeling of positivity left me. The plans mean you can report things like minor crimes and hand in documents if required to do so. It won't be the police you're dealing with. You won't be reporting a crime to a police officer, you'll be telling a Post Office worker and that is not the same. In America they have police who swear to protect and serve, in the UK we have Post Office staff who can't even be arsed to do the serve part.

And the queues. If you need to report a crime you'll have to take the day off. If you have to present your driving licence within 7 days of an offence you will have to start queuing on day 4.

Don't get me wrong, there are benefits. At the moment when you report that your car has been stolen you can't pick up some stamps while you're at it. And stamps are handy as you won't be driving round to visit people, at least you can say hi in a letter.


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