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It's DVD give-away time.

Out now, you can buy the DVD of The Royle Family's Christmas special, an episode entitled "Barbara's Old Ring".

If you didn't see it on the TV, in this episode Barbara loses her wedding ring, Jim gets a scratch-card win, and Dave is still a big softy. And if you have seen it you'll already know why you want the DVD.

You know a TV show has reached the classic level when it only comes out at Christmas, like the eggnog. And the DVD has extra out-takes that you wouldn't have seen.

As you can see from the review of the Christmas special (below) I'm a big fan of The Royal Family, so I'm pleased to say they we have copies of the DVD to give away.

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The DVD came out on January 21st, and if you can't wait to win, you can buy it now. Click here to get The Royle Family: Barbara's Old Ring [DVD]on Amazon.

The Royle Family – Barbara's Old Ring [Review]

For those of us who grew up in the north, The Royle Family is part comedy part documentary. A life that revolves around the smallest of details, where having a nice cup of tea is the best way to communicate in a family. The Royle Family has always been able to bring those memories back, but watching the show now also remains you of how old we must be. When a TV show you remember watching in your youth is now only on for Christmas specials, you're part of the establishment you used to fight.

Although this episode was originally planned to be out in 2011, it was worth the wait. It hits the ground running with one of the first sentences we hear being, "Jim. Would you stop knocking Nanna with your nuts." You know it's back on form.

I know some people who don't really get this show, and I've come to realise, it's not that the don't get the jokes, I think they miss them. The beauty of this show is about the acutely observed details of the ironic things people do. From the old northern male's obsession with MOT documentation to the way some people view the Pound Shops as decadence.

A big part of this episode looks at Joe, from next door, and his attempted to find a girlfriend. He puts an advert in the paper saying, "Vacant Lady Wanted", a punctuation error that's up there with "Eats, Shoots And Leaves".

This episodes also delivers what The Royle Family has always managed, moments of rare affection that can nearly bring a tear to the eye. For all Jim's idleness it's nice to see that he still really loves his missus.

If there's any criticism of this show it's that Jim only mentioned his "arse" once.

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