Cake Addiction, A Real Problem

Today we need to talk about a serious issue, and addiction that causes misery to many. As reported in a national newspaper, we hear about the disturbing case of cake addiction.

29-year-old Adam Williams found himself addicted to cake, or as they say on the street, Satan's Bake. He worked in a supermarket, so had easy access to score some Flour Power whenever he was Jonesing.

As with many addictions, the addict hid it well. His weight shot up to 15 stone, and he was probably claiming to have 27 birthdays a year, but other than that, no one could tell.

Adam's problem with Mr Kippling's Happy Loaf got so bad he eventually had to seek help. He went for hypnosis to help him stop his unhealthy Spongecake Square Pants habit.

Williams said: "I started to suffer severe migraines and I guess that was because of all the sugar, if it was withdrawn from my body I felt horrible."

That's how it gets you. The withdrawal gets so bad the next thing you know you're selling your arse in Soho for a slice of fondant fancy.

He added: "Then I went to a hypnotherapy clinic as a desperate attempt to lose the weight as nothing else had worked."

Thankfully Adam managed to beat his issue with the cake, or as they say on the street, Mary Berry's Bitch. But for thousands of others the story doesn't end so well.

If you have been affected by any of the issues raised in the item, try a salad.

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