Fat vs Fit

New science says that being overweight can extend life rather than shorten it. That's great news. After Christmas it looks like I might live forever.

Carrying some extra pounds can keep you alive longer. That means my personal trainer has been effectively trying to kill me. That's out of order. Oooh, I could kill him... but he's way fitter and stronger than me, so I won't bother.

It means that all those thin people who look down on the rest of us have lost their moral high ground. Now if you want to get fit you have to admit that it's not about getting healthy, you just want to look good when you get your kit off.

The study shows that people who are modestly overweight have a 6% lower rate of premature death from all causes than people of ideal, "healthy" weight.

All causes is a big list, and I assume it's in the "unlikelier" part of the list when the big people start to do better than the thinnies. Like "death by falling down a cattle grid" or "being blown away in a strong wind". Or even a general "snapping". The thin people are far more likely to succumb.

More common deaths are probably thwarted by fatness too:

Suffering a fall = more likely to bounce
Stabbing = less likely to reach organs
Drowning = more buoyant
Starvation = Well, duh!

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