Harry Styles Gets Granny Sex Advice

Harry Styles, from One Direction, has admitted his grandmother gave him the birds and the bees talk, back in November.

A granny talking about sex? Wayne Rooney would flipping love it.

I don't know what it was like but I hope it want along the lines of, "You meet a girl, you start courting for a few years, get married, and none of that funny business."

Harry said in an interview: "My grandma gave me one three weeks ago."

My word, I hope he sex just the talk. I know GCSEs these days are more about practical learning but you can take that too far.

Harry said, "It was just too much. I was like 'You can just stop there!'"

Which was also probably her advice on contraception.

Whatever her sex advice was, I hope he listened. At the moment he's just know for One Direction. And you need more than just one for some good sex.

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