Mr Steve N Allen's Live Album Recording In London [Ended]

The show is over now, but come back to SomeNews.co.uk soon for details of the CD/mp3 of the gig that you can buy.

Come to the live recording of Mr Steve N Allen's comedy album. February 26th at 7pm at the Comedy Cafe Theatre, London.

The show "Steve Does Happiness" will be coming out on CD/download later in the year and you can be at the live recording. Get a ticket for £5 and you get a copy of the final album for free.

It's a show all about finding what's good in your life.

"I think the secret is to focus on the small victories in life, and that's why I'm not in charge of the military," - Steve

Buy your tickets now on this link and get cheered up with "Steve Does Happiness"

Plus, as part of a double feature you also get to see US comedian Erich McElroy's live CD recording.

So, get your tickets for the show today.


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