Happy New Year!

A Happy New Year from SomeNews.co.uk

Over the last year it's been fun writing news items, podcasts and even live shows about the news. We've seen an increase in web traffic, more listeners to the podcast, and even more subscribers to the free e-newsletter.

So what does 2013 hold? Well, more of the same. We'll keep trying to cover more news, more strange stories and more front pages. And SomeNews will be bringing together more podcasts, the official SomeNews one, the Agonise podcast, and maybe a few more (details to come on those).

The SomeNews Live Show will be at the Leicester Comedy Festival, and possibly some other festivals through the year.

Before we get too far away from 2012, you can listen to the podcast review of the year...

...and read the round up for the news in the monthly reviews of 2012.


Thanks for reading SomeNews, and have a happy 2013.



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