Warning, Don't Put Clothes On Barbecue, Duh!

Best headline I've seen on the Internet today is: "Grandmother uses barbecue to dry clothes, six family members poisoned"

That conjures up such an imagine. She had her smalls on the barbecue, they wanted to eat, the next thing they're stood their chewing thinking, "This hotdog tastes a lot like pants."

But that's not the way it happened. She wanted to dry her clothes quickly, so she lit the barbecue indoors, put her wet items on there and let it kick out carbon monoxide into the house. She then left the house.

What? If you have gone to the effort of lighting a barbecue (and as a man who takes charge of such matters when the weather is right, it can be hard to light them) you might as well do yourself some sausages. Don't just leave it.

I know she wanted clean clothes but that could've been much worse. The whole family has been treated and discharged from hospital. But it could've caused a house fire. If you go out and come home to see your house on fire, you'll need at least a clean pair of pants.

Christine McGourty, of the 'Carbon Monoxide - Be Alarmed!' campaign, said: "Using a barbecue indoors is always dangerous."

No kidding. So don't try to dry your clothes on a barbecue indoors. Or if you do, try for a while, fail to get it lit and end up putting your clothes in the oven like you have to do with food every summer.

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