Keep It In The Family

Two twin brothers in America have been arrested after they could not agree who should have sex with their shared girlfriend.

If I had a pound for every time I've read that. OK, mainly in my own porn fiction that I write and submit to websites, but still.

In Manchester, Connecticut, Aric Ryan Hale and Sean Peter Hale had an open relationship with the woman, aged 27. She didn't realise that she was dating two men? But surely she should've guessed. Her boyfriend always had energy. He looked like he was really listening when she told him about how the women she works with were rude to her, even when he was being told it for a second time. And he was ready for a second round of sex after a quick trip to the bathroom with an open window.

As it turns out, she did know. She was dating both twins at the same time. She certainly has "a type". Sean wanted to have sex with their girlfriend. He asked Aric to leave, only for his request to be refused. So they came to blows. Shame they had a row, because it sounds like it would've come to blows one way or another.

The girlfriend admitted to police that she is sexually involved with both brothers, and that who she's with depends on "who she chooses to be with that particular day". What a great plan, and if there's an accident and she get's pregnant, not even a Jeremy Kyle DNA test would work out who the father is.

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