Google - Don't Kill Donkeys

Google. It famously lives by the motto "don't be evil". Credit where it's due, so far they haven't invaded Poland, tried to kill Flash Gordon or sat there stroking a white cat.

But their evil credentials have been getting a boost of late. Recently they were grouped together with Starbucks, Amazon and Jimmy Carr for the tax schemes in the UK. But now... tut.

Google has had to deny claims that it killed a donkey. The Google Street View car was accused of being in a hit-and-run in Botswana. When you look at the pictures on Street View it looks like the car hit the donkey and left it for dead. Most people think that's disturbing. Tesco thinks that a waste. (Don't worry, I'm sure I'll cram even more Tesco references into this.)

In the pictures you can see a donkey, walking along a sand-covered road in Botswana, thinking, "Wow. This pleasure beach is way longer than the one I worked on in Blackpool."

google 4

Next thing, bump bump, and the Google car drives away from the donkey, with probably a small donkey sticker put next to 5 hedgehog stickers and a cut-out of a granny.


And then we see the Google car driving away, while in the distance the donkey lies in the road and its mobile phone received a text saying, "Our records show you have been involved in an accident."

google 2

Google has refuted such accusations, saying that the pictures actually go in the reverse order. In which case, Google has a magic car that drives round Botswana mending dead donkeys. How's that for not being evil?

Google suggested the donkey was "perhaps enjoying a dust bath" as its Street View car approached it. It stood up at the last minute and avoided being killed. So Google thinks the donkey was playing chicken?

And we're back to Tesco again.

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