Wife With The Killer Privates

Here's a story that's all too common. A wife tried to kill her husband by poisoning something he was about to eat. But there's a twist.

A woman in Brazil apparently tried to widow herself by putting a toxic substance inside her private parts and then asking her significant other to perform a sex act on her.

This is exactly why, before I do any downstairs loving on a woman, I have a servant taste it first.

There must be easier ways to kill your husband, or at least ways that don't involve the risk of poisoning your own chuff. And it didn't even work, the husband survived. Of course he did. Like any oral sex happens after marriage.

What happened was, when she asked him to give her oral sex, he fled after noticing a strange smell. Hang on, you're allowed to refuse to do it because there's a strange smell. Then no one would ever do it again.

The suspicious husband then took his wife, who has not been named, to hospital where doctors carried out tests and found she had a poisonous substance up there.

Look on the bright side, at least you know she doesn't have mice.

Well, the moral of the story is, if someone who wants you dead suddenly starts acting all nice to you and offering you sex, you should be weary. They say never look a gift horse in the mouth. Well, that ain't a mouth.

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