Air India Rap

Air India RapAir India say they may take disciplinary action against a pilot who complained about his employer on social media... in the form of a song.

I think he should get away with it. Most of us go home and post on Facebook: "Oh, I don't like my job. I got my boss in the secret Santa. I'll spend more than the £5 limit and get him arsenic." But he put the work in. He sat there thinking, "What rhymes with rubbish boss?"

He uploaded a video of a song laced with sarcasm and expletives, just like the rest of the internet, but unlike the rest of the internet, there are no cats in it.

The pilot has promised to take the video down. The airline chief said, "The pilot has also been spoken to." And we can learn from this that social media can ruin careers. Want proof? Last month the Pope joined Twitter. Two weeks ago he had to resign. And he was singing songs about his boss. Well, hymns.

The pilot has unconditionally apologised for posting the song online. So we get a sorry for that song but still nothing about any of David Hasselhoff's back catalogue.

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