Chubby Checker Sues Over Willy Slang

Rock'n'roll singer Chubby Checker is suing HP over an app that used his name as a euphemism for penis size.

To explain: That's the computer HP, and not the one who makes brown sauce. The HP sauce people haven't started doing any promotional activity that is linked to penis size. Which is a good thing, because if they started making bottles that look like penises, it'll be a brave person who sits there smacking it till stuff comes out.

The Chubby Checker app, which appeared on websites for Palm OS (owned by Hewlett-Packard), claimed to guess the intimate measurement based on shoe size.

That is, of course, flawed science. Having bigger feet isn't linked to having a bigger penis, or clowns wouldn't look so sad.

Lawyers acting for the singer are seeking £323m in compensation, saying the app has done "irreparable damage" to his reputation.

I think he may be overreacting. Even if his name became synonymous with the male member his career would be OK. It's not bothered Alan JOHNSON, PETER Andre, DICK van Dyke, WILLY Mason and Jason PENISFACE.

HP said it removed the app as soon as it received a complaint from lawyers.

I'm glad the app has been removed as it wasn't a good idea to have his name linked to a penises. You don't want a nickname that when a woman says it she subconsciously thinks of the sentence, "Let's do the Twist."

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